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747 Insights is a boutique research firm that helps businesses, associations, and educational institutions better understand and make meaningful connections with Gen Z, Millennials, Generation X and Boomers.

Simply put, we know these generations. We all first collaborated as researchers at TRU, the pioneer in youth research. Leveraging our collective experience studying these cohorts, we’ve re-teamed to establish 747 Insights. Together, we bring a unique depth of generational expertise based on our vast experience consulting with the world’s leading brands and organizations across numerous product and service categories.

At 747 Insights, we take pride in producing outstanding work, providing insightful results and delivering exceptional client experiences. Drop us a line — we’d welcome the opportunity to work with you!

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We specialize in identifying ground-breaking insights. We apply traditional and innovative approaches to both qualitative and quantitative research designs.

For each project, we spend time learning your business issues, objectives and success criteria before carefully crafting a research plan. Along the way, we leverage methodologies that span both sides of cognitive processing — rational and emotional — crucial to understanding the totality of human behavior.

Across every element of each project — from creative recruitment to innovative fielding approaches to evocative deliverables — we are dedicated to providing you and your team with enriching, enjoyable experiences.

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Through our Generation Nation syndicated series, we offer an unparalleled look at today’s consumers and reveal the essence of each of the four generations.

The Generation Nation series explores similarities and differences across Gen Z, Millennials, Generation X and Boomers in America today. To truly understand any one of these cohorts, you need to do so within the context of making sense of all four. Only Generation Nation provides this breadth of generational understanding and insight.

The first study in our series focuses on values, attitudes, and behaviors around spending, media, lifestyle, psychographics, and much more. Future releases will provide deep-dives into these and other timely topics.

To learn more about Generation Nation and how to subscribe, click here.

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We combine our generational expertise with our engaging style and knack for storytelling to deliver interactive and insightful presentations that are as entertaining as they are actionable.

Building upon our highly regarded Millennial Mindset presentation, and our Generation Nation series, 747 Insights now offers customized modules covering all age groups and focusing on a wide array of topics, including: Attitudes & Values, Money & Finance, Generational Challenges in the Workplace, Look Who’s Coming to Campus: What You Must Know About Gen Z, as well as other topics tailored to your audience.

Our presentations are perfectly suited for conferences, corporate meetings, or any situation in which your team needs to better understand and connect with consumers of all ages or a specific cohort. Consider us your generational experts.

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